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Say Doya Doya

Later, Miraitchi and Clulutchi show their design to Mametchi and the others - a pumpkin tower. The friends admire the twins' design. Spacytchi is putting up posters to vote for him as the Pumpking. Karakutchi puts up a poster next to his; he as mad at Spacytchi, but Spacytchi doesn't understand why. Meanwhile, the friends are working on the pumpkin tower; they have gathered many pumpkins and are piling them up. They are talking while working, and Doyatchi tells the others to say "doya" like he does. Miraitchi goes "doya", and she asks Clulutchi to, but she doesn't want to. Then Mametchi, Pianitchi, Coffretchi, Amakutchi, and Watchlin go "doya" and everyone laughs except for Clulutchi, who just smiles awkwardly.

Say Doya Doya


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